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Hi David,
I submitted I-485 by end of Feb. 2006. Because we were traveling so we missed the finger print appointment on March 20. On April 10 my husband sent a letter to local USCIS for reschedule with the reason that when we did not receive the appointment letter before the appointment date. More than one month passed we have not received any letter from local USCIS. Could you pls. tell me what consequence will be in our case and usually how long we need to wait the letter from USCIS if the re-appointment is possible?
Appreciate for your advice!

It is incumbent upon you to make sure you attend all meetings and appointments scheduled by CIS, otherwise you risk your application being placed at the bottom of the pile or rejected.  A letter to CIS is of no use.  You need to physically go to your local CIS office and get the prints done.  Usually it can be done as a walk in.

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