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Immigration Issues/Follow up to yesterday b-2 visa question


I asked yesterday about my in-laws trying to get a visa in Guangzhou. Your reply was a stock answer. I want to know how I can get the interviewer to even look at the documentation. The first time around all they did was question my father in law for 2 minutes. They did not look at any papers, the housing deed the card that had the registration of his family showing he has more children in China, our ability to support them while they are here etc etc. They only looked at his ds-156. How do I get them to take another interview seriously when their first application was denied without even a glance?

Sorry, I am not in Guangzhou to examine the paperwork submitted or what keyed the interviewer to scrutinize your in-laws paperwork further.  In this case all I can provide is a "stock answer" which is based on what is required normally for visitor visas.  you might be better served in obtaining an attorney in Guangzhou to represent your interests.  As a suggestion, perhaps you should learn to contain your arrogance when dealing with the officials in China.

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