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I have a Venezuelan girlfriend (I am a US Citizen)who plans on visiting me in the US from Oct-Jan.  She has a valid US tourist VISA, and plans on taking an intensive English language course while here.  The institute in DC says that a student Visa is not required for taking the course - but looking ahead I  want to consider all my options.  

The school is willing to assist her in obtaining an I-20 for a student Visa, but she would prefer to maintain her tourist visa status as she travels between the US/Venezuela frequently visiting friends.

If things were to progress between us and I wanted her to stay are there any avenues available to me, or will I run afoul of "entering under the guise of a tourist but planning on staying"?

Would ICE have any issues with someone with a tourist visa leaving/entering to extend the valid duration of her stay?

How would you recommend progressing in this type of situation?  

She can stay on toursit visa. You should get married after she her visit is past 60 days to avoid visa fraud charges. SHe can then say she came here to visit you and friends and after 60 days things developed and she decided to stay but did not intend to stay when she got the visa or entered.

The more trips she has and the less time she spends abroad, the bigger the risk that they will question her or prevent her entry.



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