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I called many times, but no one has been answering your office and cell phone. I called the next day after your original call.
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Firstly, thanks for your time Counselor Hollander,

I am currently out of status since 2001 on an H1-B in New York City. On December of 2003, I entered into an office job and filled out form I-9. Upon completion, I checked the box that says: " A citizen or national of the United States".

I have been filing/paying federal and local taxes throughout this whole time. I am still employed there.

I am married to my partner of 5 years, who is a U.S. citizen. We have not filed all the necessary forms (485, 130 etc.) yet because we want to asses our complicated situation. She and I have lived together now for more than 3 years.

My questions sir are;

1. What is the likelihood of an AOS denial after being unlawfully present in the U.S. for so long;

2. Will the acknowledgment of national of the United States on the Form I-9 pose any serious snags;

3. What are the likely questions and procedures for this type of situation during an AOS interview;

4. What is the likelihood of being denied AOS on the spot;

5. What is the probability of an agent to seek out the Form I-9 which I filled out; and

6. What recourse can one take if the AOS is denied?

If you have any other suggestions or experiences relating to a situation like this, I would be grateful to hear them.

With respect and thanks,
Thomas in New York.
I am still awaiting your call- 516 487 0500.



Once again, I did not hear from you or see a message from you. I am in the office now - 2:45 eastern and will be here until about 6 eastern.



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