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I know of someone who married an illegal Mexican national so he could obtain legal citizenship status. He is a gay man and was deceptive in getting her to marry him. He has not gotten approval to remain here yet and she just found out she has to stay marrried for 2 years...What can be done about this...and how do we go about reporting it?

Call 1-844-DHS-2ICE to report illegal aliens and any criminal activity relating to Immigration and Customs enforcement.  Be as specific as you can with the information you provide.  Names, dates of birth, addreses, cars, license plates, places where they might work...any information helps.  If it's just general, not much action will be taken as agents, who are few in numbers, do not have the time to chase ghosts, so to speak.

The information you provide is CONFIDENTIAL and will only be provided to the Investigative office having jurisdiction in the area the illegal alien or criminal activity relates to.

Thank you for being alert and interested in fighting criminal activity.

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