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Immigration Issues/G-325A form (as a part of I-129F Petition for a K1 Visa)


Dear Mr. Hollander,

I am a new US citizen filing I-129F petition to marry my fiancee leaving in Ukraine. It requires submitting two biographic information G-325A forms, one for me and one for her. The G-325A form uses term "Applicant" in several fields. It is clear that in my case it is me.

The main question is, who is "Applicant" in an G-325A form for my fiancee?

If, as I guess, it should be her,
1: what should be typed in "Alien registration number of applicant"?
2. as her signature required, am I able to send a copy of form, signed by her, instead of original?


Your 325A is about you and hers is about her - put "none" under her A number. Have her send you a copy of her signature and trace it onto the original if you do not want to mail it to her for signature - Immigration will not accept a copy of a signature.



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