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I went to Canada in July to meet in person (Canadian resident) a woman I met online.  We hit it off and she came down in October and stayed 1 month.  She went back home to Canada and is returning to the U.S. after her 10 day stay in Canada.  We are planning to get married once her divorce is final in Canada (1 year waiting period for divorce).  When she comes back to the states in a few days, how long will she be able to stay?  She currently has no return flight back to Canada.  We heard she is allowed to stay up to 6 months before she has to return to Canada.  If so, how long does she have to stay in Canada when she returns?

If your fiancee has no need to return to Canada, she can come here and then when she gets her final divorce you can file for her green card. If she is going to need to go home for any reason then she needs to leave the U.S. every 6 months and stay home for at least a month.



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