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I just received my GC yesterday in the mail but I was so disappointed because my Midle name seemed
to screw up.  
My alien card spelled out my midle name and then the abbreviate of my midle name follow by.
This means my midle name was printed twice on my Permanent Resident Card. Have you ever seen any Alien Card like this? What should I do now?

To correct a Permanent Resident Card (I-551), you must file form I-90. IF the error was the fault of USCIS, you do NOT have to pay the fee. IF the error was your fault, you DO need to pay the fee.

Note that the bottom of page 1 of the Instructions to the I-90 says:
"A replacement application based on administrative INS or USCIS error must also include an explanation."

Therefore, please attach to your I-90, your incorrect Permanent Resident Card (greencard) and, if possible, a photocopy of the original application that you submitted that had the correct information on it (as proof that your original documentation was correct).  

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