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Thank you for the first answer. Last year i travel back in my country with an advance parole and at the entrence they gave me an I 94 valid till october this year?What that does it means? I have another advance parole and i have to go back in my country in november is allright if i ll go or is there any problem when i came back?

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Hy,i had the interview for adjustment of status with my wife who's american citizan two years ago and till now no answer back.I have my work permit and social security but i have to renew it very year.How can i find about my green card or what can i do?If i call them they are saying that still my name and my finger prints are not clear?How long it takes?Thank you so much for the answer.

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The name check clearance can take a few years and they will not approve the case until they here from the governmental agency conducting the name check clearance.

Youc an always check the status by making an infopass appointment and going into the local office.



The expiration date on the I-94 is just for administrative purposes. You can go back with new valid advance parole document. Your trips with paroles will not affect you unless you have previously spent ilklegal time in the U.S. after 4/97.



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