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My husband and I filed a joint application for Green Card Status. However we are now seperated (in a physical sense, not legal) and we live aprt and have totally separate lives. I would obviously expect that this now effects our original GC application as it was based on us living together at the same address. Do I need to inform authorities of this change of circumstances?


ANSWER: Who is the petitioner? Is one of you a U.S. Citizen or are both of you being sponsored by a somebody else or a business?



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We are both Uk citizens, who have been living and working in California fror the past 6 years with L1 and L2 visas respectively.  My husband was reloacted to the U.S by his company with an L1 visa and subsequently we were married and I obtained an L2 spouse visa. I have since obtained an EAD allowing me to work too.

The Green Card application was petitioned by my husband with support from the company by which he is employed. Also tho we are still married we will ultimately seperate legally and will no longer be married. The 2 things I am worried about are:

1.) If I dont live at the address listed on the petition, am i now invalid from getting a green card.

2.) I hope that the above will not effect my husbands application, even if I am judged invalid.

Many Thanks for your help


Your seperation will not effect him. He is the principal applicant, you are the deriviative. If Immigration figures out you are not living together before you get approved, there is always the chance they will not approve your case. He will get it with out without you getting itbut you can only get it if he gets it. Some officers look into the living together thing more than others.



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