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I recently got my passport stamped with my I-551 US green card. I was also approved a while ago for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa - however, i never landed in Canada.

I was thinking of landing in Canada for a few days to preserve the Canadian Permanent Resident Visaas a backup. I doNOT intend to move to Canada, get a job there etc.

1) Do you think I would have problems going to Canada or more importantly, coming back to the US?

2) On your way back to the US, willINS ask you about my status in Canada? What is the best way to handle such a question?

3) Before getting the US Green Card, I have been working for over 6 years on an H-1B in the US - paying taxes as a resident, renting an apartment etc - and I intend to keep working in the US

can the INS technically revoke your green card based on landing in Canada?

I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me. I am a little confused about what to do right now. As I mentioned, I only intend to make this one trip to Canada to preserve the Canadian PR (Canada's rules are very liberal).

Thanks in advance for your help.

INS can revoke your permanent residence if you violate any of the provisions of your permanent residency or ANY immigration law or Criminal activity in or outside the US, there is nothing "technical" about it.  That being said, no CIS (INS) will not revoke your status as long as any trip outside the US is short term and you have a re-entry stamp.  AS far as Canada...not my profession...only the US.
WHy do you find it necessary to have multiple residencies? What country are you a native of?

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