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I am a naturalized US citizen since 2003. I have a young son that needs a nanny. My sister, who is a Bulgarian citizen has offered to come live with me and watch my son during the day, while I am at work. SHe has been to the states 3 times before as a tourist and on J-1 visa. She has just finished college and is worried it would be hard to get a tourist visa to the US. IS there such a thing as a nanny visa and does it apply to relatives? Also if she comes here as a tourist can she apply for a green card through me and can she stay and work in the US during that process? Also if she comes here as a tourist can she change her status to student if she enrols in a colleg? THank you

She can not work on a tourist visa. It is very hard to come on a toursit visa and change to a student. Immigration knows it takes much longer to get a student visa and that people get impatient and try to get a toursit visa when they really want to be a student. If you sponsor your sister the processing time is about 15 years and she can not stay here during that whole time. If you sponsor her as a nanny for a green card - it will take several years.



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