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Question -
My green card application was accepted in September 2003 and my passport was stamped with a temporary stamp.  In June, I was notified that my pictures were not correct.  July 5th, I fedexed new pictures to the Vermont Service center.  August 19th, I went to INS in New York city and was told that they could not stamp my passport extending my temporary status until they received notice from the Vermont Service center.  They also told me that I am already considered a permanent resident regardless of the date on my stamp since I was already approved.  I then sent an inquiry to Vermont as instructed regarding my case status.  I have yet to hear from them.
My question is two fold:
1.  Can I continue to work?

2.  What do I tell my employer?
Thank you for your time and prompt reply.
Anna Maria
Answer -
Yes, you can continue to work.  You will need to get the stamp done as soon as possible.  All you can do is explain the situation to your employer and hope that it is good enough. more quick thing.....I spoke to my employer and they, how do I go about getting the stamp?  When I call INS nobody can give me a clear answer...when I go to New York city, they tell me that it's up to Vermont and nobody can tell me how to get in touch with anyone in Vermont.

If  you have called 1-800-375-5283 and they cannot help yoy, you have a prroblem.  This is one of the problems of  handling your case without an attorney. If all else fails, i use the liasion of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association.  You do not have that option.  

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