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Dear Mr. Hollander,

I am currently in the brink of deportation and trying to find my way to stay in the US legally. My employer was late to submit my H1-b Visa app and I am now going to suggest filing for a Green Card through employment instead of H1-Visa. I am currently under the OPT status from my F-1 Visa which expires in the end of the month.

What are the chances of me getting a green card through employment reasons? I am currently working as a staff accountant (bookkeeper)/IT assistant in one of the leading restaurant chain in DC and I have a Bachelors degree from one of the top 3 public University in the country.

Thank you beforehand.


No chance to get it in the time frame you need to be eligible. You only have til the ned of the month plus 60 days unless you qualify for some othe type of visa. Bookeeper and IT Assistant do not qualify for H-1 anyway - only accountant.



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