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This summer, I was planning to go back to Vietnam to visit my mom and my family..It been 9 years already...However there one problem standing in the way...My Green card will not expire till September,2007, next year...but my travel agency says that the picure on my green card is a long previous picture, meaning I need a new picture in order for U.S airline to accept me...Therefore I really don't know what to do, or what the process to renew my picture work...I was really hoping to back to Vietnam this summer...So if you can help me...I would appreciate so much :D...and Thanks You

As long as you have a valid, unexpired Permanent Resident card, you may visit Viet Nam (remember to get the re-entry permit from CIS).  The travel agent has no jurisdiction or authority to require you to get a new card.  That is why there is an expiration date.  The onus is on you when you re-enter the US not the travel agency (with a valid card).
If they persist, you may remind them of harrassment.

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