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Dear Sir,
I need a little immigration advice and I hope you can help me out.
Here is my situation.
I am 29 year old, unmarried, F-1 student visa holder. I have been on F-1 for almost 9 years. My mother and father just become US citizens and would like to sponsor me for a green card.
My questions is can I work and stay legally in the US in the near feature (what will be the approximate timeline) if I do not keep F-1 status (can I use forms I-765, I-131 and when). I checked on the USCIC site that the wait period for a green card application in my case will be 4 years. Is that true?
The other part of the question is that I have a fiancÚ that is neither a US citizen nor a green card holder; she is a F-1 holders as well. What is the best move to help her work and stay in the US in the shortest timeline? When will be the best time to marry her?

Also I have a question a part from the above. If I become an O visa (I know I can) holder can I have multiple employers? Can I prepare the O visa documentation by myself and where can I find help on the web?
I really appreciate your help in the difficult decisions.

You have a 4 year wait for immigration based on your parents.  You seem to have a lot of basic questions about an O-1 yet you are certain that you qualify.  You can check the USCIS website for more information of schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney.  Questions such as "which is best" are too fact specific and complex to answer in a forum such as this.

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