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Hi James:
I would like your advice in a situation I am currently facing.
I was in H1-B status uptil last friday when my I485 petition got approved. I didn't find out about until Saturday when I received an email from the USCIS notifying me of the approval. The date stamp on the email is Saturday.
I also got married last Friday to my Mexican fiance. I was hoping we can do a joint filing before my green card is issued and hence avoid her having to wait 5years in Mexico before we can be united.
I don't know how this happened but we ended-up with both things happening the same day: the marriage and the approval of the I485.
Can we still apply for her I485 based on the info I gave you while she stays in the US?
I would really appreciate your advice.

That's not a question that I can answer without looking everything up and doing some research.  Timing is critical and I don't know whether she is eligible for follow to join benefits when the marriage and the approval happen the same day.  Also, the answer to this is too critical to rely on the advice of anyone other than an attorney who has reviewed all the documentation, conducted any required research, and then provided an opinion.

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