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What is the situation if a "girl" Green Card holder returns to India to finish off her education? Do the 6 month/12 month rules hold & the Green Card,or could she stay in the India up to age 18 & then return to the US holding a valid Green Card to pursue her further education and also to maintain her residency for her citizsenship. Complets her 5yr mark, applies for her citizenship but, on the basis that the girl still has her Green Card valid but her mother has abondend  her Green Card? Can the girl get rejected for her citizenship based on her mother?

Can you please help me?

As far as finishing education in India, the same 12 motnh rule applies. You can apply for a reentry permit to allow you to stay out for 2 years instead of 1. You then must comeback wtihin the 2 years and apply again for a reentry permit for another 2 years. Any stay over a year will require you to come back and wait 5 years to apply for citizenship. You would have to be here 2 1/2 of the five years and not have a trip over 1 year.



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