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I got laid off on 2/2/2007 and the company kept me in its payroll until 3/24/2007. My H-1B's expiration date is 9/1/2008.  My husband has H-1B and still working. I didnít file for status change (to H-4) until 4/18/1007. It seems that I was out of status from 2/2/2007 from various sources of information. Is that true? What should I do now? Is there anything I can do without leaving the U.S.?

Once you were laid off, you had 30 days to either depart the country or change your status.  You can go to CIS and explain the circumstances, however as a non-immigrant you have no right to remain in the US.  Another option is to return to your home country and apply for the H4 as a spouse.

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