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Immigration Issues/My H1 is on 221G hold and now L1 is being processed ... please help.


Hi, I currently have my H1 papers filed through a different employer at USA. I have been to the consulate for the H1B visa, but i have been given 221G(blue slip) for the lack of some documents. While I am waiting for the documents, i am being processed for L1 through my current employer.

1) How will this affect my previous H1B application? Will the H1 application only be cancelled?
2) Will the whole of H1 petition be cancelled?
3) If I go on the L1 in 2 months as planned and then return and apply again for the H1 visa, will i be allowed to appear at all? The H1 petition holds good for another 2 years.
4) What are my chances of getting L1 visa when my H1 has been refused/pending under 221(g).
5)In DS-156 form, there is a question " Have you ever been refused a US visa?". Do I have to mention here that I appeard for H1B and got 221(g) form.Does getting 221(g) form mean "REFUSAL OF VISA" ?

Kindly help.

You are setting yourself up for denial of entry.  Make up your mind what the purpose of your coming to the United States is for then apply for that specific visa.  Visas are not items 'to be picked from a menu'.  Your applications are going to be pulled and scrutinized if you take the route I am reading.  

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