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Immigration Issues/H1-B Status after marriage, and ability to work in different states



I am a US citizen, my girlfriend is on a H-1b visa... I have two questions for you...

1) If her H1-B says she can only work in two specific cities, is there any way she can get that amended to include another city? If so, what is the process.

2) When we get married, assuming her H-1B is still in effect, what will her status be right after marriage/while the paperwork is being completed? Will she still be able to work at her current job? What will be her legal immigration designation?

Any help you can provide to the above questions will be highly appreciated!


To add a location, she has to file another labor condition application and I-129 packet checking off the box amended petition.

Once you get married, you can file a petition for her and she can simultaneously file for adjustment of status. along with the papers she can file for a work permit that will take about 60-90 days to get. Once she gets that she can work anywhere. Once the papers are filed her status will be "pending adjustment of status". In between the time of filing and receiving the work permit she can work for her H-1 employer.



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