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Dear Sir,
My H1 was kept on hold telling me that ur fingerprints are matching with the some guy in US having the same name. Also told me that your green card is in progress (I hv never ever landed in US in my entire life). They captured all my 10 fingers & told me that they will let me know in a weeks time. My QUE is whats the time frame they usually take in solving this type of query ? & what exactly must have gone wrong with my case ?
Regards, Nilesh Patel

I doubt your finger prints match, in fact, it is impossible to match with any other person.  What I do suspect is a question in identity based on similar name and possibly date of birth.  In addition, there could be an identity theft problem.
It may take some time since there is a question as to your identity and that of the imposter.  Finger prints will determine specific identity.  Due to the 10s of thousands of finger prints submitted, to classify and properly identify them does take time.  In your case, since there is identity question, it could take a bit longer.

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