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how long does it take for petition to be approved both in regular and premium processing
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Question -
does this mean that a petition should be filled by company B that they are willing to sponser me.
Please Reply, thankyou

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Question -
My company A has sponsered my H1 visa and it is in processing. Now I have an job offer from company B.If I accept this offer will my visa be trasferd to company B during  processing.Pklease reply soon, Thankyou

Answer -
No...the company must petition for you.

Answer -
Yes.  Company B will need to petition for you which must be approved before you can work for them.

Only the employer may file for premium service.

Since implementation of the program on June 1, 2001, those employers who file a Form I-129 to classify a beneficiary under one of the following nonimmigrant categories may request Premium Processing Service: E-1, E-2, H-2B, H-3, L-1, O-1, O-2, P-1, P-2, P-3 and Q-1.

Since July 30th, 2001 the USCIS has made this service available to employers who wish to file a Form I-129 to classify a beneficiary as an H-1B, TN or R nonimmigrant.
Only the visa petitioner, or the attorney or representative who has filed a notice of appearance (Form G-28) on behalf of the visa petitioner, may seek premium processing.

The fee for this service is $1000. The Premium Processing fee may not be waived. In addition to the Premium Processing fee, all filing fees relating to the Form I-129 must also be submitted. The Premium Processing fee must be submitted in a separate check or money order.

Premium Processing Service will provide American businesses with the opportunity to obtain faster processing of a petition to meet their needs for a foreign worker. Specifically, the USCIS will provide 15-calendar day processing to those who choose to use this service or the USCIS will refund the Premium Processing fee and the relating case will continue to receive expeditious service.

The processing period that will be used to determine whether or not the USCIS meets the 15-day period will begin when the I-907 is delivered to the USCIS (at the appropriate address) and will end upon the USCIS mailing of a notice. The notice may be a notice of approval, request for evidence, intent to deny or notice of investigation for fraud or misrepresentation. If the notice requires the submission of additional evidence or of a response to an intent to deny, a new 15-day period will begin upon the delivery to the USCIS of a complete response to the request for evidence or notice of intent to deny.

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