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I am from India .I got my H1 on 2004 September and the H1 visa stamp is also as of 2004 september.
But I came to US five months after that, starting here in US from March 6, 2005.
I am heard that I can continue in my H1Visa for six years.
Is the six years calculated from 2004 September( visa start date) or 2005 March (my first date of entry to US).?
Up to how long can I continue in US, is it 2010 September or 2011 March?
I have recently changed the company and did the visa transfer to the new company and the petion got extended till March 2010. Can I extend it further up to September 2010 or march 2011 ?
My first H1 Visa stamp expired on 2006 september. I havenít traveled out to get a visa stamp after the H1 transfer (and H4 for my wife) ? Is it mandatory that we should get a new visa stamp by going out of US.If so can we do that in Canada or Mexico instead of going to India?

If I apply for a green card should I be applying before 365 days of the petition expiry (the petion is transferred and extended) ? If so before which date?

Please send me the answers.

Manju: The six years will be calculated from the date of entry.(March 6, 2005).  And You can extend it until March 2011.
You can obtain the visa from Canada and Mexico. But if you have obtained your qualifying degree in India, they may request you to obtain it from India.
You need to have a pending labor cert for 365 days before expiration of your six year H-1B period to enable you to extend it beyond this date. Or if you have an approved I-140 you can also extend your H-1B for an additional 3 years at a time.

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