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My name is Madhav. I obtained my Master's degree in US. I have been working on OPT for about 7 months now. My company has filed for my H1 through the premium process. Last week I got the receipt number and checked the status online. Later on talking to my Attorney I found out that the USCIS had requested additional information regarding the company ( the company is a start up though. Does this mean that inspite of the petition being filed in fast track, if I submit the required documents, will it take longer time to know about the approval? or will they process it as soon as the documents reach them?

Secondly, if another company is ready to hire me after I get my H1 approval, will I be able to do a transfer or will I have to get my stamping for Company A done and then look for a transfer.

What if company B wants to file my H1 now (assuming any chance left) can I have two processes running at the same time from two different companies?

Even though you have received an Request for Additional Evidence your case is still on the fast track and will be decided soon after they receive the new information.

Once you have H approval, you will be able to transfer to a new H employer without "stamping".

There are no numbers left.  This is a waste of time.

Good luck
Mark Ashley

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