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Dear sir/madam,

I have one question about my H1B status and my OPT (Optional Practical Training).

I finished my MBA in December 2005. Before graduating, company A filed a H1B for me and at the same time I also applied for OPT (for save).

Beginning of January 2006, my H1B was approved (The valid date from 1/19/06) and I started to work for Company A.

End of January 2006, my OPT was approved (The valid date from 02/01/06) and I got another job offer from Company B.

Finally, I decided to use my OPT working for both Company A and B as part-time jobs.

In June 2006, Company B filed H1b transfer for me. My second H1B was approved in
September, at the same time I quitted my first job in Company A (Company A didní»t cancel my H1B status so far).

My question is: Am I legally to use my OPT in February 2006? If unfortunately I am illegal to use my OPT, what should I do now (leave US immediately)? Anything I can do to change my status to be legal?

Your presence in the US is visa specific.  From what I am reading you have violated your status.  You cannot work for Company A and Company B as the H1 petitions are employer specific.  Your OPT falls under the F1 visa.  I would strongly suggest making up your mind and decide why you want tobe in the US.  Then take your approved petition to the US consulate and get it stamped with the appropriate visa, then return to the US.  you willbe given an I-94 which indicates your visa and term of admission.  Whatever you do, DO NOT violate the terms of your admission.  Homeland Security is no longer ignoring simple violators, people are getting deported daily.

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