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I had been informed by the attorney appointed by my employer that they have filed my H1B Visa application on the 30th of March,under the premium category.
Till date they have not been able to provide me with receipt number, and off late their responses are vague. What does this imply?
ANSWER: Premium Processing of H-1s subject to the cap began on 4/12. If it was accepted it would have been adjudicated by now. The fact that they have not told you it was approved or adjudicated yet, leads me to believe that the case was not selected in the lottery and will not be processed.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Robert. My follow up questions is :
If my PP application has not been selected by USCIS my attorneys should at least inform me of the status . Is it normal for attorneys to not give out information?
Is there any way I can get any sort of information ?

Tell them if they do not provide you with information, you will make a state bar association complaint. They usually like to keep their license and do not want to deal with the bar association.

Also, your employer can call Immigration and they will give them info since they applied for you.



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