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I have H1B from non profit organisation, which expires on June 31st. I need to transfer my H1B from non profit organisation to profit ( industry) organisation to start working there on June 1st. Is it possible considering that the quota of 2006 has ran out and the quota for 2007 starts in October?

In the answer to a similar question on 3/13/2006,
you said "In any regard you must allow a minimum of 45 days from the date your new organization files the I-129 and filing fee before any action is taken whatsoever"

what you mean by any action? Do you mean that the new company need to file the transfer 45 days before my start day of work at this new company?

Thanks a lot for your help.

You are changing the basis of your H1B.  A new I-129 must be filed.  I cannot assure you that with such a short time frame it will be approved.  In essence, you came to the US under an H1B, now you want to change sponsors prior to your term of admission which amounts to a request for a new admission.  I suggest, strongly, you go to your local CIS office and explain your intentions, with all documentation.  They will guide you with your options.

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