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I am currently on an H1B visa working for company A and have been offered a new Job by company B. I wanted to know when I can start working for the new company. Regarding this I have read a couple of things on the internet
one says I have to wait for the reciept and
one says I can start to work as soon as the company files a petition for my transfer.

which of the above two is true? Secondly the new company has decided to pursue the transfer on a premium basis could you please let me know what is the average turnaround time for premium processing


You can work from the day they receive it. If they mailed it next day - you can start to work from next day - you do not have to wait for receipt. Premium processing is guaranteed to be adjudicated in 15 days but it is usually 7-10. If they want more info - the 7-10 days starts again from when they receive your response.



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