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I am a United Kingdom citizen and I will be starting an Alternative Teacher certification program in Dallas this June 07.
I will enter the US on a visa waiver with my UK passport.  However, once I am hired by a school to start teaching in Dallas, I understand that I would need to obtain a H1B visa.

I was informed that I would need to return back to the UK to file for the H1B visa.  Is this the case. if so, what is the process and what are the expenses involved in this process.  Am I able to apply for the H1B whilst in the US?

I look forward to your response.

Thanking you in advance.

Miss Kel

If you come in by visa waiver you have to leave within 90 days period and you can not apply for change to H here. If you come in with tourist visa you can get 6 months and then you can file for change to H, assuming your case is not subject to the 65000 cap/lottery. It proabbly would not be if you work for an educational institution.



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