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I am an H1B1 holder and have just renewed my status for the next three years; however I have been offered a new job and I want to transfer to this new employer. I am working with a nonprofit education and research institute and want to transfer to similar organization. Can I transfer within this period to the new employer? That is can I send in an application for H1B1 status of this new job;  If so, can I send in the application and stay in this old job until I recieve confirmation that the application is approved before I terminate my employment. Would the 65,000 cap affect me? Thanks for your reply. God Bless.  

Transfers are not subject to the cap. You can start your new job as soon as the H-1 is filed, since it is a transfer and not a new status for you. If you wanted to,you could stay at the old place until it is approved, but it is not required.



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