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Help! I am going to leave my current position and go full time study , thus need to transfer my visa status from H1b to F1. I plan to transfer status without traveling outside the US. Since school starts in May and visa transfer takes 2-6 months, I have to attend school full time before I get my F1 status. I know I can study full time as long as I file visa transfer before I leave my job. I wonder if I have to keep my H1b valid while I am waiting for F1? If so, do I have the option to take unpaid leave and keep my H1b while I am waiting for F1?

File for a change of status at your local CIS office.  you must provided a valid I-20 from the school you intend on attending.  Keep in mind, once you leave your job, you are no longer following the terms of your admission.  As an F1 you must be able to prove you are able to pay for and support yourself while in the us WITHOUT BEING EMPLOYED in the US.

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