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Immigration Issues/H1b extension beyonf six years


My H1b expires in Aug,2006 and my company has filed my 7th year extension in the last week of may,2006 .My labor certification was filed by my company in NOv, 2003 (category : rir)and still pending.
As I understnd I am gonna get 1 year extension at a time will I be able to file 8th year extension after the 7th year is over followed by 9th year extension and so on until the LC is accepted or denied?

I just came to know currently my case is handled by philadelphia backlog eliminating centre and they requested for some ref or rev? Can you please tell me what it is and what is its impact on my GC precessing?

Your understanding of your H-1 extension is correct. As far as the Philadelphia Backlog Center, they send a "45 day letter" asking if your employer wants to continue and asking for any missing information or documentation. After you sen dit back they send either an approval or a Notice of Findings. If you get a Notrice of Findings, you have 35 days to fix what they want.



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