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I am in USA on H1B Visa, stamped by company A. I worked in company A for three months.
Now I have changed my job and joined company B on April 30, 2007. Company B has applied

for H1B transfer on April 18, 2007 and I
have got Receipt Number for H1B transfer on May 09, 2007. Approvl is still pending.

My wife and kids are in India and they have valid H4 stamped from company A.
They never been in US before. Can they travel to USA on H4 of
previous employer ?

I will be grateful for your reply.

With thanks and regards,

Pramod Kumar


To be safe you should apply for premium processing to get approval for Compnay B in 2 weeks and then there is no problem. If you do not get approval before she enters and Immigraton finds out you do not work for A they could give her a hassle.



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