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Immigration Issues/H4 Visa - Indian Inter Religious Wedding complications


Thanks David for your immediate reply!

Just to clarify your answer, of course we will be legally registering our wedding under the Special Marriages Act and will produce the Marriage Certificate at the time of the Visa Interview.

But since it will not be the regular Indian wedding with all the religious formalities, will it become an issue while showing the wedding album at the time of the interview?


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Question -
I am gettin married in Feb 07, an Intercaste marriage (I am a Christian & Fiance Brahmin).

We are planning to have a non religious wedding ceremony with hindu thali tying, ring exchange and wedding registration in a City Hotel Banquet Hall. This will be followed by a Grand Reception the same day.

Will these ceremonies be valid enough for applyin for a H4 (Fiance is a H1B for more than a year now). Or do we have to do the wedding in a religious way for the Visa Interview sake?

I am really confused, as each one has one opinion, and I am trying as much to avoid the religious ceremonies in the wedding, to save the embarassment of both the parents.

I would really appreciate good advice on this, since it is very critical for me - in terms of planning the wedding ceremony and preparation for the Visa interview.

Answer -
As long as your marriage is legally recognized, it doesn't matter if is religious or not.

I will reitierate this again, if this is a legally, binding marriage, recognized by the country in which you married, it is binding in the US.  It doesn't matter if you rented out a castle and had the Pope marry you or a simple Justice of the Peace marry you in a forest, as long as it is legal and you have the legal forms to prove it (executed marriage license or whatever the country you married in considers legal documentation).

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