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Immigration Issues/HELP for questions on part 10 on N-400.


Hi David, thank you for answering.First of all When i enter I was 12 or 13. Second The time that i remained illegal here was during the precess for the recidency to be complete which was 1+ yr maybe. I am currently a resident since 2000 trying to apply for citizenship

can you tell me also if i have to say yes to question 15. 16. 17  on par 10 If i got two speeding tickets (no DUI involved, paid the fines), but I am ot sure tha if I mark NO on these questions it would be consider liying.???? Please let me know. Thank you
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this question asks if I ever lied to any US goverment to gain entry to the US.???   
Can you help me, I am not sure what it means, when i came thru the mexican border i had a passport w/o visa, I was in a car with my citizen Uncle who told the officers we were coming back from vacation.
Would that be consider lying to US officer?????  When my mother filed me for green card she paid the fine for entering the US illegally.

Another question on part 10. questions 15,16,17. I have received 2 speeding tickets. Do I answer yes to this three questions????

Please help I need to submit my app. ASAP
One thing I advise everyone DO NOT LIE OR OMIT INFORMATION of any immigration application.  That will guarantee a denial.  AS far as your admission into the US, how old were you? Second, on what basis did you remain in the US and for how long?  From what I gather in your question, you are in the US illegally.  The fine your mother paid, was it for you or her?

Question 15 - Yes
Question 16 - No
Question 17 - Yes

In the explanation block, fill out the dates of the speeding tickets  ie -

Speeding violation; Date; Place of occurence; Outcome (fine)

You are being truthful, speeding tickets will not hamper your approval for citizenship. Never ever, omit information on a government form.  you will be fine.

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