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I filled the I-765 along with I-485. Does this make any difference in the speed of the processing,   I am at my wits end and need help.  Why the change in the 90 day?  I was counting on that!  


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Good Evening,

Is there anyway to speed up the I-765 process, I am applying for the second time as my first atempt was denied when my K-1 ran out.  I really need to be working.  Can I only request one after 90 days?  Or can I get one sooner?
Thank you in advance.

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What is the basis for your I-765 now? In general there is no way to spped it up and as of October 1, they will no longer issue expedites at the local office after 90 days.



You had to file I-485 in order to be eligible for I-765. The only thing you can do is 90 days after the receipt date, you can make an infopass appt and go into the local office to check status. They will then send an inquiry to the Missouri service center to get you the card but they will not issue it in 1 day. I do not know why but they got rid of the interim cards after 90 days at local office.



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