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How to prepare for I130 consulate interview. Any particular questions I should be prepared for; additional documentation they might require?
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They should have provided you a list of documents to support the I-130.  My upfront, truthful, and don't hide anything.  If it is found later that any information was less than truthful, you will be stripped of your permanent residence and deported.   More people get deported for lying than for robbery.

Is it okay be back and forth between Canada and the US while I'm waiting for the interview? I have maintained a home in both places. Is it posted somewhere the types of questions they ask?

As long as you are legally authorized to, of course.  Questions are can be general biological, home life, etc to rather probing if an officer believes there is more to what is being told.  Questions are not posted, it wouldn't do much could if people can rehearse answers if they are trying to cover up a marriage fraud which is on the rise.  Of course the penalties for immigration fraud are severe.

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