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i try to check for the infopass schedule and there is no early sched.and how if they will not give me parole...can i still travel or not.thank u so much
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the company im working with just filed the i140 i485 and my i131....unfortunately my father just died application is still pending.i have my existing H1B valid up to sept 2007 from my previous employer,and i have my portability with I94 valid up to 2008 from my new employer.can i travel to philippines eventhough my application is pending and i dont have my travel document with me.can i still use my H1B visa.thank you so much.hope for ur response ASAP
I would make an infopass with your local immigration office and go in with your receipts for the 485 and 131 and see if they will issue the parole. I would laso bring the death certificate and your borth certificate with English translations.



Normally Hs camn travel without needing parole. Your problem is that you do not have an H-1 visa from your new employer in your pasport. You would have top go to the Embassy before you come back and if they do not give you the new visa you are stuck. If the local office is not too far, try going in person very early in the morning and see if they will process the emergency parole in 1 day. Bring everything I told you to bring.



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