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Hi i did not go to the first interview and this is the 2nd interview.if i send them a letter requesting a postponement of the 2nd interview,do u think they wud do it, i am afraid to go there in person as they might detain me or something like that. thanks a lot for your reply

Hi I am going to apply for a divorce from my wife. Iam a canadian citizen and came here on K1 visa and have not had my I485 INTERVEIW YET. IS there any application i can file with USCIS to let me stay here till my divorce gets finalised. My interveiw for I485 is in 2 weeks and my wife will not come with me, Please advise what i should do. Thank you very much

If a letter is not dropped off they most certainly will deny the case and possibly send it to the deportation unit to send you to an immigration judge. If you or someone else drops off a resceduling request you probably can put off things until you get divorced and leave.



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