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Immigration Issues/IRS 1722 letter for N-400 interview?????


I applied for naturalization and today I receive the letter for the
interview. Because since I become a permanent resident i was outside
of the United States for 6 months (or more) they are asking me to
bring "An original IRS 1722 letter, listing tax information for the
past 5 years". Can you tell me what is that ?I never worked, but my
father was here and I am in his taxes as a dependent. Can I use his
Please help me
Thank you  

As you should be well aware, extended absences from the United States may disqualify you from addition, may lead to the revocation of your permanent residence.  The form requested is based on YOUR tax returns for the past 5 years, which you will have if you did not violate your status.  

Now, to determine a little better where you stand, I need your age, periods of absence from the United States, how did you obtain permanent residency, when was your permanent residency granted, your current country of citizenship, did you ever obtain a re-entry permit...required of permanent residents.

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