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Can you explain the steps if I marrry him? I know he still needs to leave and go back, can't show he has been in the U.S. or he will be barred  from returning for 10 years!!  Well it could take who knows how long for the paper work to be completed on my petition?  and how long would it take for him to come back to me?  He also most likely won't be allowed entry to the US because he owns property and a home in Mexico.
Thanks Pat
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Question -
I know from all my research on web, my boyfriend cannot get sponsored by his employer, he does not want to return to Mexico, we are in love & do not want to part from ea other. If he goes back and I petition for marriage, who knows how long it will take and then he will be stuck away from me.
I wish I could find a employer to sponser him. I may opt to just be content with the situation, but it is difficult, he does not drive. I worry about emergency's like if he got in an accident and lost job or gets hurt and has no disability or medicaid/medicare because of not being citizen.
I was hoping to take him to Mexican consulate for consultation/get a passport and is there an option for him to ask for fogiveness, he's worked well for over 4 years. And too old for special service. He just filed taxes and has contacted IRS for reporting income, and get tax id #.
Answer -
There is no reward under US immigration laws for those who violate those laws.  However, if you were to marry him, you could petition for him.  Even if he entered the US illegally, there are still ways around.

However, there is no other visa available for him.  And even if there was, he would need to leave the US and prove that he had been out of the US for an additional 10 years before a visa could be issued to him.

Good luck.

No I cannot.  You obviously don't understand how to do this.  I cannot help you here.  It is complicated.

Why don't you go and hire an attorney.  If done properly, he will have his greencard in no time, and will be working and making an honest living.

Sometimes it is cheaper to pay someone to do it for you.

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