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My wife tried to come to the U.S. legally five years ago, but was denied.  She then entered illegally.  This was all before we met.  We are now married and have gone through the immigration process and have to go to Cuidad Juarez for our final interview after filing for an I-130.  I am a U.S. citizen.  We have to go in Dec.  The problem is that she is pregnant and I have heard that she might have to stay in Mexico for up to ten years as punishment.  My questions are

1. Is this true, and how much time do people normally stay in Mexico as punishment?

2. Is it worth it to write a pardon letter and do the whole pardon paperwork?

3. I don't want to miss my child for ten years of their lives, and I'm not going to live in Mexico, should we skip the interview and just wait for legislation?

Once your wife leaves the country she is subject to a 10 year bar. She would then have to apply for a pardon after her interview. She would be stuck there a minimum of 6 months. If they approve it she could then come over. If they deny it she will be stuck there 10 years.

Especially with the recent election results, I would postpone the interview and see if some legislation does not come up soon.



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