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I have been married to my wife and going through immigration trying to get my residency papers. My wife and I have been separated for a little more than three years. INS sent me a letter telling us to come in for our interview with the needed documents. We don't have them because we have been separated and we both want to remarry. Another Imm. lawyer told me to postpone the interview, get divorced and remarry and withdraw my old paperwork and refile. Immigration gave me a new interview date of May the 2nd. My divorce will not be final until the 5th of May. What should I tell Immigration? I was told if I show up and tell them I've divorced they will arrest me on the spot. I cannot get remarried until the divorce is final. Should I just not show up to the interview until I have remarried and then tell them I need to refile new because I have remarried to someone else? Please help! I have no idea what to do.

If you show up and tell them you are divorced, they will not arrest you but they also wont interview or approve your case. They will send you home and send you a denail in the mail.

There is no reason to show up or do anything on the current case. Just get married after the divorce and file the new case. When you go to the interview onthe 2nd case, your current file will also be there based on the match of your fingerprints for both cases. Some officers will question you on both cases and ask you for evidence on both cases. Sonme wont be so picky.



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