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Immigration Issues/Immigrating to the USA with my family


Thank your Mr. Robert for your reply, and I would like to
know how I get an investment visa before going to the US,
and how long it would take me and my family to get the
permanent residence visa (Green Card).
With all my regards.
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Dear Sir,

I am a retired man from the middle east who would like to immigrate with my family
(a wife, two daughters who are above 21, and a granddaughter who is 4 years old)
to USA and get the permanent residence in order to live for good and become US citizens.
I have about two million dollars in non-American Bank, but I do not intend to establish an
enterprise in the US, at least for now. I am intending to buy a fine house in California - in
which I gained my Master Degree more than twenty years ago - and I am able to financially
cover our expense ( more than $ 5000 per month). I need your advice on which visa should
I demand from the start for me and my family in order to immigrate to the USA, or there
shall be any "adjustment of status" situation later ..

Merry Christmas and happy new year,
With all my appreciation.
If you are not going to do the Investor visa route, you need a family or employment based sponsor.



You have to commit 500k to 1 million in funds into a new venture or to savge a failing company. The amount of the funds is dependant on where you set it up the business. The more metropolitan the more money needed. The green card would be conditional for 1 year and could be taken away if they see it is not a genuine or viable business. The case would take a few months.



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