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I have a question and I was wondering if you could help me. Here's the story...My soon-to-be husband is going to Buffalo to do his masters in physiotherapy. We currently reside in Toronto, Ontario and we both are Canadian Citizens. What I'm wondering is that if I go with my soon to be husband to the United States, can I get a work permit? If I can, do I have to find a job first before getting a work permit or can I get a work permit since my husband will be in the United States studying and I want to stay with him.

Also, if I wanted to apply for immigration to US what do I do? Is it possible? Oh yeah, I should give a brief background...I'm 23 years old (my soon to be husband is 24 years old) and I have completed a Bachelor of Arts (HONS) specializing in Business and Marketing. I'm currently working at a permanent position right now as a secretary.

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You do not automatically get work authorization. You must qualify for a work visa and have a sponsor. This is true for both a temporary work visa and a green card.Baes on your education, you would need a prospective employer here to sponsor you for a job related to your business and marketing degree. The position must be a skilled position requiring a bachelors degree. Since H-1 visas are used up for the next year you might try a TN visa.


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