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I've been dating a man who is in the US on a B-2 visitor visa for the past three months.  His visa is due to expire in about six weeks (the visa was for five months), and I'm helping him complete Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status.  Although the relationship is real, we would not ordinarily contemplate marriage at this point.  If his request is denied and we decide to get married, am I at any legal risk?  Will the INS interview my family, friends and/or work collegues during the verification process if we decide to get married?  Should he mention the relationship as one of the reasons for trying to extend the visa?

I appreciate your help in advance.


If he mentions the relationship - they will automatically deny the extension request. B-2s are supposed to be here temporarily. If he says he is contemplating marriage, they know he intends to stay permanently. You are not at legal risk and they will only interview you and him.



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