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I know that the reform has not yet been approved but this is my situation please let me know what our possiblities are with and without the reform from its current stand point.

I married my husband from Honduras in 2004 he came in as a minor in 2000.  In 2000 he was caught by immigration and then released because his cousin signed for his release.  He had a schedule court two years after he was release in 2002.  He went to court every time and did not have representation from an attorney.   The last time he appeared with out an attorney he had ot sign voluntary departure.  Well obviously he did not leave.  We got married in 2004 and I am 3 months pregnant.  I am a full time College Student.  He has been told he has to leave the country and try to fix papers in Honduras.  He has filed federal and state taxes from 2002 through 2005.  Please let me know our possibilites as specified above.  

The immigration reform that they are discussing is not likely to help people who have outstanding deport orders. When he stayed past the voluntary departure date, he automatically got a deport order. You can file a petition for him, but he must process it in his country and he must also apply for 2 waivers - 1 for the deport order and 1 for the fact that he has been here for more than a year illegally - When he leaves, after being here illegally for more than 1 year he  becomes subject to a 10 year bar and must get a waiver.



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