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I am filing a petition for alien fiancÚ (I-129F) for my fiancÚ living in England.  I am unsure about a couple of issues that I was hoping you could help me with.

We are filing the petition in July.  In December, I will finish graduate school, and move from my current residence in Kansas to start working in the Southeastern US.  So my question is, for item #14 on the I-129F form, "Address in the United States where your fiancÚ intends to live", what should I put.  Should I put my current address, or my parents' address (as they are filing his affidavit for support, but never intends to live there), or put unknown?

My second question is, once I relocate, is there a form available or someway to contact the USCIS to notify them of a change of address?

And lastly, I have a question regarding enclosures in my petition to prove evidence of having met and of a relationship.  I am including photos, phone bills, ticket stubs and flight itineraries, dated letters, copies of visa stamps, an engagement announcement from the newspaper, and a copy of the engagement ring receipt.  Is this enough, too much, or are there some more pertinent items that would be better to include?

Thank you for your help.


I really can't guide you through a filing process when I have not reviewed the case.  My malpractice carrier would not be happy.  Case specific questions such as yours should be addressed to the attorney handling your case.  If you are handling the case yourself, you will need to do the research and form your own opinion, just like I would need to do if I were handling the case.

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