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Dear David, I've been reading your greatly helpful and in-depth answers to questions and I am hoping maybe you could help me as well and clarify one thing that's been bothering me for some time now.

My wife and I had our immigration interview several weeks ago. We got married in September 2004, so it's been around 1 year 8 months since our marriage. We went to the interview, but didn't bring lots of supporting documentation with us, i.e bank statement, bills, etc. The reason being that my wife has bad credit and none of the banks are willing to open up a joint account. As for bills... we've always lived in a dorm or subleted apartments, in which case none of paid any bills. We never traveled together anywhere, because we were saving money for a trip after the interview when I got my card. In any case, we brought some documentation - letters, photos, etc. Also, we had joint tax returns.

The officer was quite nice and she seemed to believe that we are really married and live together. She asked only several questions relating to our marriage, after she went straight to papers. She kept asking us for more documentation, I had an impression that she was trying to help us, because she asked us to "please, give her at least something that would give her more official grounds" etc. But since we didn't have that much at that time she told us we should collect more documentation and come back in 7 months in November.

She gave us a UCSIS letterhead which says that we must come back on November 7th, there is a graph that says that we must ask for ANY DISTRICT ADJUDICATION OFFICER, and REASON FOR AAPOINTMENT ISL I-130 APPLICATION FILED BY SPOUSE PETITIONER MUST BE PRESENT.

Could you please explain what all this means? I think we weren't completely denied the green card, but I am worried does it mean this second interview will be one of those horrible interviews where they separate people and basically interrogate them? We are really married, but I am still worried, because we are both quite scattered people.

Also, what is weird is that I-130 application matter mentioned on the letterhead... because we already had the I-130 present by the time of the interview. It was filed way before the interview and the immigration officer knew it was there.

Thank you so much in advance.


You situation would raise 'red flags' with anyone conducting your I-130 interview.  

Why haven't you opened a bank account with your wife on it? Do you have a vehicle that is owned jointly? What about a lease, rental application, utility bills? I know of many people who have had credit issues opening up joint accounts.  

CIS is giving you extra time to prove you are married.  It very likely at the next meeting, you will be seperated and questioned about the validity of your marriage, I certainly would.  Marriage fraud is a prevelent problem in the US so situations, such as yours, is going to generate scrutiny.  Start acting like a married couple, things will go much easier for you. "Scattered people" doesn't quite cut it.

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